Vieux Carre

[o] Famous Web Architecture
Vieux Carre provides Web Construction Service for businesses. We provide several methods of service, and payment.

[o] Multimedia on the Web
Shockwave, java, sound, VRLM 2.0, and 3D are effects that we bring to your site. Multimedia puts your site above the others.

[o] Advertising Your Site
What's the sense of having a site, if can't be found? Vieux Carre has built sites where netizens hang out regularly. Follow this link, and learn how we can help you.

[o] Contact Vieux Carre
We have a contact form for you to fill out. You can also find other useful ways of reaching Vieux Carre.

Library of Sites

[o] New Orleans Saints
This is really a magazine, with complete coverage of the New Orleans Saints. We advertise your site here. It is updated daily.

[o] Victims and Citizens Against Crime
A non-profit organization formed to focus, unite, support, provide and regain our rights against all criminal elements that are invading our personal rights as citizens and victims. Our fist client.

[o] Tulane's Department of Engineering
This was a large site built for Tulane Engineering. It displays all the latest techniques used on the web. It includes forms, javascirpt, and a shockwave tour of the department. It is aimed at the incoming student.

[o] Digital Bayou(under construction)
The Site is coming soon. It is a place to have fun. Digital Bayou will include art, shockwave games, and local interest. Hopefully will be launched by October or earlier.


[o] Tools
This is a guide to the very latest software and plugins used for this site and the internet as a whole. Links point to the latest versions.

[o] Our Favorite Links
What self respecting site does not have its favorite bookmarks. Links point to all the coolest spots on the net.