Vieux Carre spices up web pages with state of the art multimedia. We take full advantage of the shockwave technology, which provides interactive materials or presentations. Shockwave can also bring animated logos and other cool stuff to your site. Shockwave is produced in software, known as Director.

Java is also the latest craze. Although Vieux Carre does not build applications, we can place applets on your pages. Imagine have button interfaces, bullets, charts, graphs, banners and imagemaps. This technology does not require plugins. Java is built into most browsers.

VRLM is the virtual reality modeling system. We can attach URLs to 3d objects. This is still somewhat new, but the technology is growing every day. Both Netscape and Microsoft have included it with their browsers. Most of the problems deal with bandwidth. As bandwidth on the net grows, so will VRLM. Speaking of 3d, we use the extreme 3d software, to bring cooler graphics to your site. Did you see the front page?

Multimedia is fun an interesting. It will grab your viewer's attention. Vieux Carre plans to produce interactive cds in the future. Its a big part of what we do.