[o] Netscape
Pick up the latest version of Navigator and plugins to enhance your internet experience.

[o] Macromedia
There is plenty of free software and other goodies that are free.

[o] Apple Computers
The greatest computer ever made. All of Vieux Carre's sites are built with apple products.

[o] Gary Rosenzweig's Shockwave Arcade
Coolest shockwave game site on the internet. Gary also is an author and multimedia programmer.

[o] mFactory
Makers of mTropolis. Will have a considerable internet presence in October.

[o] suck
Everyone has this on their list.

[o] Tulane University
One of the coolest colleges around.

[o] Sprotszone
This is espn's site. The best.

[o] Chris's Page
Your humble webmaster's award winning home page. Tulane's Page of the Year. Also won Best of Campus in July. Enjoy.