Vieux Carre prides itself on cutting edge Web production. We use all the latest techniques to bring your business to the internet and World Wide Web. The Growth of the internet is amazing. There are predictions that over 100 million people will join the internet by the year 2000. There are over a thousand firms which conduct business and transactions over the internet. Vieux Carre can bring you ideas to life. We do it all, from graphics to programming. We employ CGI, Forms, JavaScirpts, Shockwave, Java, VRLM, and 3D into your home pages.

You can have your own domain, such as: However, there is a cheaper solution, and have your business domain named: yourbusiness/. The first looks more official, and gives you complete control over your site. It also includes 6 pop mail accounts, but you must have an internet connection. Obviously you do, or you would not be reading this. The second domain package, gives one pop mail account, but we must have complete control over your site. You will also need an internet connection to receive your mail. We can suggest a cheap internet service provider for you, if you don't have a personal account. Vieux Carre does not sell dial-up accounts.

There are differing price packages. You may choose to pay us on a fixed hourly wage, or a full price for one site. We will quote you a full an final price after we finalize your needs. We will build all of your graphics. Vieux Carre can also scan any logos that you might have. You can view our Libray of Sites to see our work. We also have a Contact Form for you to fill out.